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Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is now more critical than ever before, due to better search engine software and tighter competition.

Meta-Tags are great, however, they simply won’t produce top 10 results alone, especially in a competitive keyword marketplace.

However, when meta-tags are combined with effective inbound site links, proper keyword placement and frequency levels throughout your entire site’s HTML code can help you achieve higher search engine rankings.

If you’re asking “what the heck are meta-tags”, “what are inbound links” or you believe your business does not need to worry about search engine rankings, think again.

Improper or unethical SEO strategies can hurt your rankings, and even get your site banned from search engines such as Google. While poor search engine rankings may be keeping hundreds, even thousands of prospective customers from visiting your site.

Star Global’s method of Search Engine Optimization ensures that website content is well indexed by search engines, by guiding the content and structure to match the most recent techniques for search engine optimization. There are many components to a web site: title tags, page content, meta information, directory names, page names, image names, alt tags, etc. Star Global optimizes each of these areas for the best search engine acceptance.

Star Global’s search engine submission and consulting service improves the positioning of a website on various search engines and directory pages. This includes searching directory sites (free and fee-based), and associated sites where links or reciprocal links would be advantageous. A list of suggested fee-based search engines will be provided if they appear to align with the clients’ goals.

The results of Star Global’s SEO have moved web pages from below the 20th page of results up to the 1st page. Clients with ’special news bulletins’ and ‘upcoming events’ have been indexed in less than two weeks because of the way we program the content’s format for maximum exposure.


Using a technology called ‘Flash’ to make your website is not good for search engine indexing. A Flash module is a movie-like presentation that is void of HTML. Without HTML code and text, a web page cannot be indexed by search engines. Also not good is the method of using ‘Frames’, because the content pages are indexed by the search engine separately, and are linked to without the surrounding navigation frames. Therefore, it makes it impossible to access the rest of your website “frame” beyond the one page.

Google is the #1 search engine, and it’s #1 page ranking criterion is based on website popularity. This ranking cannot be changed by titles, metadata and keywords alone. How does it do it? It ranks your sites based on how many sites link to you (PageRank). Each link is considered a vote for your site, and the more votes you get the higher your rank is. Being linked from other popular sites increases their effect substantially.

Why do the search engines make it so hard to get high on the list? They make it difficult because they are constantly trying to improve the relevance of their results. Link popularity is the best known indicator and is the most difficult to fake by the search engine ’spammers’. What you also can do is use accurate and descriptive titles, metadata, keywords, links, standardized code, well styled code, alt tags, and accessibility features so search engines can navigate and index your content on the subjects you want.

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