Aspect website launched using Drupal, Victoria, BC

ASPECT is a not-for-profit advocacy group that provides membership benefits, leadership resources, event management, and workshops and products for purchase by the community-based employment and skills training sector.

ASPECT selected Star Global’s recommendation for a Drupal portal software to replace their old website. The old website was custom built, and lacked the editing and community features present in modern CMS software. The upgrade to a new software that supports multiple users and the ability to allow for comments features were a required module. ASPECT can build on the platform to include a membership directory and interactive features.

The self-editing features of Drupal were ideal for ASPECT. They can
add pages in-house, including adding links under hierarchical navigation
menus. Images and files can be uploaded through the web browser, and pages are edited in a word processor like WYSIWYG interface.

Four levels of user roles were created on top of the two usually included
with Drupal. These allow for protected access to areas only accessible by
the organization’s membership, and the board of directors. There are also two levels of access for ASPECT - the staff and administrators.

Daily news is posted by ASPECT, who pull web clipping from many news
sources. Web site software was configured to publish these headlines on the website homepage, the left side bar, and they are automatically “tweeted” to Twitter. The news is indexed under subcategories, each of which has its own syndicated RSS feed.

CiviCRM software, installed as a module for Drupal, provides the ability to
accept conference and event registrations online. Payments are processed using Paypal Website Payments Pro Canada services. CiviEvent - part of CiviCRM - allow complex event management features required by ASPECT; event registration can have multiple choices for event attendance and additional add-on fees.

Other features of the Drupal software for a portal and web Content Management System (CMS) provided the following functionality:

  • Allows members and customers to login for special services. This will be used to help implement a single sign-on functionality
  • Display a events calendar. This is managed using Drupal, or in the future can be managed using the Sage CRM software
  • Shopping cart module, for product sales
  • Event management module allows for the registration of conferences, including multiple activities to be selected
  • Includes a website search function
  • Best of all, the Drupal software can be customized and configured as needed, there are no license fees, and it is supported by a large developer community.

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