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Real Life Health Management
Real Life Health Management
Professional Services
Nanaimo, British Columbia

Star Global developed this web site for Real Life Health along with a customized software system that considers your individual body's needs and your specific personalized goals for fitness and fat loss.

Through Star Global's production process, our staff was able to transform a spreadsheet and paper based process to a multi-user web application that tailors a health plan to each individual.

New members can signup online, use a credit card to pay their initial fee and for recurring membership fees, and the system will automatically activate their account. Payment by cheque or money order is also available, where their account is activated manually.

Real Life system members are emailed tips and progress reports automatically based on special assessment filters.

Graphs are generated dynamically to depict the member's body measurements, and to show the percent fat, carbohydrate and protein in their diet.

Administrators at Real Life can manage their customers, payments, and database through a password protected web based administration module.