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Promedics Nutraceuticals Ltd.
Promedics Nutraceuticals Ltd.
Retail & Consumer Products
Vancouver, British Columbia

Promedics Nutraceuticals is a vendor of quality nutritional supplements and remedies to physicians and holistic medicine practitioners.

Promedics product line is accompanied by detailed description including medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients, contraindications, clinical study research results etc. A web site format is the ideal method to communicate / distribute the product details to practitioners and patients. Prior to development of the Promedics web site, such information must be distributed by printed paper, fax or directly e-mails to someone. Distribution of product information was causing more administrative time to be spent sending this information.

The Promedics product line was organized by category, such as the protein supplements or essential fatty acids, and by manufacturer. A list of product in each classification shows the product name and sizes it's available in. Viewing the product detail, it contains a paragraph on each of the ingredients, instructions for use, as well as a link to a PDF document from the manufacturer that contains much more detailed information. The ease of navigation, and the depth of information available, make the Promedics web site comprehensive resource for those who prescribe the products and those who have been prescribed the products.

Unique in comparison with some nutritional supplement web site, Promedics does not have online shopping and sales persuasive marketing ploys. Promedics is portrayed as a reputable supplier of high-end and effective products, that are available to and prescribed by medical practitioners. Promedics goal is to educate and provide information about the products to let experts decide whether the product is right for their patients.

To best aid in the cross-referencing of products under categories an manufacturers, as well as links to PDF product details, StarGlobal recommended a solution using a database-driven technology. Even the web site navigation links are generated through the database and a navigation configuration file. This hybrid web site architecture allows the easy addition and management of static page content with the enhanced capabilities made possible using a database for the product pages.

The web site greatly reduced the administrative time spent by Promedics to distribute information about its product line. As well, Promedics now has a marketable web site design that reflects the quality and professionalism of the company. New practitioners are encouraged to download and complete the Practitioners Application Form to begin the process of becoming a Promedics customer.

Star Global also provided assistance to Promedics during the data entry phase. Promedics was sent a database template in Excel format, that included the column headings of product details. Promedics completed entering data into the Excel document, including the manufacturer, product name, sizes, description, ingredients, instructions, etc. and was asked to specify the PDF documents that linked to each product. Upon receipt of the final Excel data from Promedics, Star Global imported the data into the web site database and set the appropriate links to PDF documents. When products are added or edited, product details can be imported in a single batch process which is very efficient for periodic product catalog updates.