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Association of Research Libraries
Association of Research Libraries
Washington, DC

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) is an advocate organization in Washington D.C.

As part of the service to its members, ARL maintains a Position Announcements page inside their Career Resources section. Members can add their job postings for free as part of their membership, and non-members can place a job posting at a cost. The first career opportunities system was used for many years, and required an upgrade due to slow and unreliable service. Developed using the technology available at the time, the old system was built using an old version of Filemaker. Advances in technology since that time made it more beneficial to use MySQL and PHP for the improved career opportunities system on Mac OS X server.

For simplicity, non-members can submit a job posting without paying for it online. If they are not a member, they must complete the payment details fields before the job posting is received. Payment details fields are hidden from ARL members (they are not required). ARL will contact non-member organizations to arrange for payment after a new posting is received.

The old system was much more rigid because there were so many require fields to submit a posting. A redesign of the system logic for the new system made it more flexible. Organizations could describe the career posting in a large description field, and now include an attachment - such as a PDF - and a URL to the job posting page on their own web site. This reduced the duplication of data, treating the ARL careers page as more of an announcements area, and the specific details were under the organization's control.

The province or state of the organization was kept as a search filter, and other old search criteria were not required. Less than one hundred career postings are normally available at one time, and they can be sorted by date and organization on the search results page. With the system upgrade, it can also automatically hide a career posting after its expiry date is surpassed.