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Content Management System

Liveware Systems Inc.
Liveware Systems Inc.
Victoria, British Columbia

Liveware Systems provides customer relationship management solutions, specifically for the auto service industry.

The goal of the project was to automate and simplify the process to receive data from their customers. The data was to be collected and then made available in a format for import into an existing back-office software system. The primary solution enabled the users of Liveware to directly enter their data using standardized web forms, rather than sending data files periodically. The centralized database model made it easier to label submissions correctly, and pre-populate the form fields.

Online web based data entry forms were created. Some were pre-populated with data for each user. Each user has their own password protected interface. The data collected via the forms are stored temporarily in a database. Daily batch data export files are created automatically to be downloaded by Liveware administrators for import into the backend software system.

The project allowed Liveware to add web-enabled capabilities to the users, without having to redesign the backend office software. It leveraged existing standardized data import facilities into the existing software.

The solution was kept as simple as possible, but provided multi-user access and a rich and personalized user interface. With no direct connection to the enterprise data resources, all inputs and outputs has to be done by exported data. The process to import and export data was made easy for the Liveware Administrators.

As a result of the project, Liveware can receive updates more quickly than before as part of the daily batch files. Instead of users waiting an undetermined amount of time to submit data they can enter it at any time directly into Liveware web forms.