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Lifetime Health Products
Lifetime Health Products
Retail & Consumer Products
Vancouver, British Columbia

Lifetime Health needed the flexibility to manage the shopping software details in-house. At a minimum, a store administrator should know how to verify and process orders through a web store. The software chosen for Lifetime Health allows the editing or addition of product categories, the modification of prices of products, the details of products including the photos. After the web site was launched, Lifetime Health has the ability to grow their online product catalog on a consistent basis, including the addition of new products and categories over time.

The shopping cart software chosen for implementing the project includes many features. The important goal of the project is to customize the design to look good within the third party system. The Lifetime Health store must calculate the shipping cost for a small bottle of pills up to a 5 pound box of clay, and rates were set to include a minimum shipping cost and an additional amount depending on the weight of the package.

A health library and resources are content pages outside of the product catalog - but still managed through the same administration console - that Lifetime Health can modify in-house. New pages instantly display in the web site navigation. Editing the page content is made possible through a WYSIWYG editor window.