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Snikker Stickers
Snikker Stickers
Retail & Consumer Products
Victoria, British Columbia

Snikker Stickers has created a unique idea for wearing and stickering your favourite saying that only those who know the secret can decode.

The list of customers was growing fast by word of mouth. A web site was to assist in marketing and selling the inaugural products worldwide. The front-end contains lots of graphics and marketing content to attract customers and search engine spiders.

Customers can order shirts, hats and stickers online though the web store. The third-party store software integrates seamlessly with the front-end web site. The shipping for an order can be quoted in real-time using the origin and destination postal codes anywhere UPS will ship. If you order only 5 stickers or less, you're offered a special flat rate for shipping. No store software will do that out-of-the-box; Star Global customized the software do what it should do to reach Sticker Stickers requirements.

A fun way to send messages - and to assist in viral marketing - is the message encoder/decoder. Anyone can send a message to a friend by email in encoded form, and they can return to the Snikker Stickers web site to decode it.