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Web Design

Giftporto Gift Registry
Giftporto Gift Registry
Retail & Consumer Products
Victoria, British Columbia

GiftPorto provides a unique and advanced online service for customers interested in sending gifts across North America. The GiftPorto network is able to hand deliver gifts the same or next day in major cities across the US and Canada. Corporate customers can access unique features such as:

  • easily ordering multiple gifts
  • saving their recipient address book
  • tracking the delivery of their gifts
  • accessing electronic invoices, and
  • consolidating their purchasing to a single corporate account.

Giftporto had in-house staff creating the back-end software, but needed a front-end design that was corporate looking, yet communicated the benefits of the software design through a small flash module. The web site also needed to be created in the proper structure for in-house programmers to port it into their existing CMS system.